Live Theatre for Central Illinois!


People who attend or patronize theatre frequently have higher disposable incomes than other people in the community. Posters and Playbills frequently are kept by people who attend shows and shared with friends, neighbors and acquaintances. People also travel to see theatre productions. Sponsoring a show or advertising in the Playbill for the show are great ways to reach customers for your business.    

Sponsorships and advertisements in the Playbill also are a great way to demonstrate your business’ commitment to the arts and creative elements in your community. Your business could benefit from sponsoring a Twin City Squared show.  We have two different sponsorship levels – Presenting and General.  A Presenting Sponsorship has many benefits including 
inclusion of the Sponsor’s name or logo on all media publicity – including, but not limited to, as applicable, bus signs, television advertisements, radio advertisements, internet advertisements, and posters;  verbal recognition at all publicity events and every performance; a full page advertisement in the Playbill for a show; a package of tickets for a show.  A general sponsor receives a half page advertisement in the Playbill for a show, verbal recognition at every performance, and a package of 
tickets for a show.  

Advertising in a Playbill also presents a great way to  reach people. Twin City Squared’s Playbills are professional printed on high quality paper and  in color, Each show is different, but attendance at a show on the Jean and Harold Miner Stage at Parkland College could be as high as 2500 for 8 performances. Twin City Squared’s advertising rates are competitive with other theatre companies in the area.  A 1/4 page advertisement is $25.  A 1/2 page advertisement is $50. A full page advertisement is $100.  The back cover of the Playbill is $200.
For more information or to become a sponsor or purchase an advertisement, please contact us at